Going through a medical treatment at a foreign country requires a lot of planning and can be a stress factor for the patient, thus Obesity Travel Group was born to alleviate that feeling. Our dedicated medical travel office in the US, with the purpose of covering the planning needs of foreign patients and connect them with Obesity Care Group's surgery center in Mexico,  will ensure that your experience is pleasant and that every detail is organized upon your arrival. 

Diana Campos, our Head of International Patients, works hand in hand with Obesity Care Group to offer patients the support they need, from scheduling a surgery date to follow their progress after. She will be the link between you, as patient, and your surgeon, Dr. Daniel Campos, in order to make your medical travel process less challenging and leave you time to care for yourself pre-treatment. 


Diana Campos
Head of International Patients


350 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL     31339

T: +1 786 405 3828
E: diana@obesitytravel.com